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I was born an artist. I have always felt like a conduit through which passes something greater than I will ever know. I feel a deep devotion to the process of working with this “something,” so much so that I am obsessed by the images and thoughts that come out in my work. I will never stop making images.My image making ideals can be absurd. This demands a confrontation, what Albert Camus called “The Cycle of the Absurd.” In this confrontation I reach beyond words, like poetry, music, or painting.Exploring a wide variety of media, my work is influenced by the Magic Realism movement in literature and painting, the French New Wave in cinema, as well as the 1960s Beat writers.For me, creating images is easy; it flows out of me faster than I can capture it all.

Sturdivant’s images are less understood than felt. They imply rather than state.
Black & White Magazine, February 2015


My art is completely free of boundaries. I think that it is a kind of dance, an impulse, a gesture, a spontaneous materialization from non-being, without meaning, reason or purpose, but just for the sheer joy of the expression.


Born: El Paso, Texas; raised in North and West Texas.Education: Attended the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of North Texas. Graduated cum laude with a BFA, and an MFA from UNT.History: Spent 10 years as a teacher of art and photography in Northern California and Texas. Currently working as a medical photographer specializing in pediatric craniofacial cases at a hospital in Dallas, Texas.